1902 - Eli Thingelstad farm home donated for use as home for aged. However, was first used for hospital.
1908 - New brick Hospital.
1909 - Training school for nurses was opened. It closed in 1912 due to financial conditions.
1910 - Thingelstad home remodeled for use as a Home for the Aged.
1913 - A new stucco building was erected for old folks.
1914 - The NORTHWOOD EMISSAEREN was launched.
1919 - The Thingelstad building was moved to the back of the new addition.
- A nurses' home was built adjacent to the hospital.
1921 - Training school for nurses closed due to financial conditions.
1922 - During World War I, because of financial troubles, it was necessary to close the hospital for a few months. One floor was used temporarily to house people seeking admission to the old people's home.
1924 - The hospital and home were consolidated.
- A large barn was built and equipped with stanchions for twenty-five cows. Due to health regulations, it was eventually dismantled.
1928 - Completely equipped a nursery.
1930 - The depression nearly caused the hospital to close. The Northwood Civic Club formed an association to conduct it as a community hospital. Financial help from the surrounding community met with success.
1934 - A bequest from Mr. and Mrs. Anton Swarstad of Grand Forks was received and was used to build a chapel in 1936 at a cost of $10,000.
- Management was resumed by the Northwood Deaconess Hospital and Home Association.
1937 - Hospitalization insurance was introduced.
1940 - General remodeling was done to include new front entry.
1942 - Membership in the North Dakota Hospital Association.
1943 - Elevator installed.
1945 - A new laboratory.
1954 - A remodeling project which produced a clinic in the basement area of the hospital.
1956 - A new addition to the nursing home (now the residential section).
1957 - The old nursing home underwent major improvements.
1965 - A new sixty-six bed nursing home was ready.
1966 - Medicare program was adopted.
1967 - Hill-Burton grant was applied for.
1971 - A new hospital (through gifts and the Hill-Burton Grant).
1972 - Clinic remodeled.
1974 - NDC 100 started.
1981 - Far West wing added to nursing home.
1982 - Office and activities area enlarged.
1984 - Swing Bed services developed (hospital beds for long term care).
1985 - Home Care service.
- Larimore Satellite Clinic established.
1986 - Medical Alert services began.
- Respite Care began.
1988 - Endowment Fund established
1989 - Hospice Care began.
- Dr. Robert H. DeLano Nursing Scholarship established.
1990 - CNA training program established. Later discontinued.
- Delicensing of Basic Care.
1991 - Dakota Unit third floor apartments ready for occupancy.
1993 - Prairie Rose (Special Care/Alzheimer Unit) opens.
1994 - Facility name changed to Northwood Deaconess Health Center.
- Women’s Health Program established.
1995 - Home Care affiliated with United Home Care.
- Adult Day Care services established.
- Hatton Clinic opened.
- Audrey Mandt Nursing Scholarship established.
1996 - Second floor of Dakota Unit completely remodeled into apartments.
- New clinic built.
1997 - Old clinic area remodeled into Rehab Dept. Upstairs occupied by Home Care.
1999 - Home Care services turned over to Altru Home Care.
- Rehab Department entryway remodeled, including installation of a lift (small elevator).
2001 - Remodeling of the long-term care facility began, including the addition of small dining rooms.
- Hatton Clinic closed.
2002 - Remodeling was completed.

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